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Abs after 40 is basically a workout routine created by Marc Mcilyar. Marc realized that the exercises weren't working any more and in spite of sweating out in the gym everyday, he struggled to have a perfect body. That's how this Abs after 40 routine came into existence.

Why Is It So Hard To Have Abs After 40?

1. LESS TIME: Time is the major constraint. Most people in their 40's are too busy in their corporate lives or with their families, and rarely finds the time to hit the gym or indulge in physical activities.

2. POOR NUTRITION: It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet in the 40's. And moreover, fat develops very easily at this age.

3. HORMONES: The first two reasons are however in your hands. It may be difficult, but still you may manage them. However, you can't do nothing about the formation of hormones. The hormone, Testosterone is the main reason why men struggle to develop abs after their 40's. As you gradually age, the hormone system slowly starts getting worse, and no longer works like it used to do when you were 20. Hormones play an important role in maintaining our support system, and also helps to get rid of the excess weight and fat. When your hormone system works properly, you are able to shed off the excess fat very easily. But the system gradually slows while you age. It is not your fault, this is the way human body works. However, Mark has developed a series of exercises, which when performed properly and in a specific routine, helps to produce more hormones. It is not a magical treatment, but it helps your body to reach a state where you start achieving the desired results.

The 3 Phase Program

abs after 40 hormonesPHASE 1: FAT LOSS JUMPSTART: In this phase, your body slowly gets adjusted to the new routine. Since the amount of testosterone in your body starts reducing, you have to exercise in a completely different way than what you did in your 20's. You need a kind of workout that doesn't put too much pressure on your joints.

PHASE 2: HORMONE OPTIMIZATION: In this phase, the level of testosterone slowly starts increasing in your body, You fat reducing abilities will gradually rise in this phase.

PHASE 3: THE FINAL PHASE: In this phase, your hard work will start showing the desired results. Your hormones are completely balanced in this stage, and your dreams of having abs may soon become a reality.

Knowing The Pros And Cons Of Abs After 40

1. It is a completely natural way to generate more testosterone. There are no side effects as such ; it is completely safe.

2. During the 40's, our joints slowly starts getting weak. The workouts have been designed in such a way, so that excess pressure is not exerted on your joints.

3. Apart from the workout routines, lots of nutritional advice is mentioned in the program.

Truly speaking, there are no such cons associated with this program. Perhaps you will feel bad that your young years have passed and now you have to do a different set of exercises.

The cost of the program is $197 and if you are among the first 500 buyers, then you may get it at a price of $97. There is also a money back guarantee for the first 60 days.

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